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How to Start an Agarbatti Making Business and Earn Profit



If you are planning to start a business and are confused about what will be the best business with low investment and high profit then we would like to inform you that Agarbatti making business would be the right choice for you.

Agarbatti making business is one of the most profitable businesses in 2021. You can earn a high profit with the least investment.

You must be wondering, how to start an agarbatti making business. Right? 

Wait. Wait. Wait.

You don’t have to worry. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to start an agarbatti making business and earn a high profit.

Stick to this article till the end.

Steps to Start An Agarbatti Making Business

Below are few important steps to start an agarbatti making business.

  1. Research of Market
  2. Project Report Preparation
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Registration and License
  5. Setup of Manufacturing Unit
  6. Purchasing Agarbatti Making Machine
  7. Raw Materials

Let’s Get The Detailed Information.

  1. Research Of Market

Market research is one of the first steps to start an agarbatti making business. You need to do proper market research before starting an agarbatti/incense stick making business.

India is the biggest incense stick making county. Moreover, Agarbatti has domestic and well international demands. 

So, it is clear that starting an agarbatti making business will not be a wrong decision.

  • Project Report Preparation

The most important step for starting an Agarbatti making business is to prepare a project report. You have to prepare the project report according to your requirements.

For preparing the project report you have to provide some important information like estimated space for the unit and the cost required. Moreover, you also need to provide the estimated machinery quotation.

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Prepare a project according to your requirement properly.

  • Financial Planning

Every business requires proper financial planning. We would like to inform you that there will be a requirement for fixed capital and working capital.

For working capital, you need to apply for a project loan and ask for the owner’s contribution. You have to do the proper financial calculation.

So, do proper financial planning and start your incense stick making business today and earn a high profit.

  • Registration and License

For registration and license, you need to check out the local laws and the tax liabilities. Along with the traditional proprietorship and partnership formation, you will also have to register the business with ROC.

Also, you have to apply for the trade license and MSME Udyog Aadhaar Registration. You will also require a GST number for tax filing. 

Moreover, if you are starting with 10+ employees you have to look for the PF and ESI act. And lastly, you have to make a NOC from your state’s Pollution Control Board office.

  • Setup of Manufacturing Unit

After following all the above-mentioned steps, now you will have to set up a manufacturing unit. The actual requirement of the space for the setup will be based on the number of machines installed and the production output.

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Well, a 1000 sq. Ft. area will be best for small scale setup. Make sure the setup of your business should have a sufficient water supply and a proper electric connection.

Setting up a manufacturing unit is important for starting any business. Look out for proper space for setting up your agarbatti manufacturing unit.

  • Purchasing Agarbatti Making Machine

For starting your manufacturing unit, you have to purchase a proper agarbatti making machine. It is very complex to decide which machine will suit your requirement but it’s not that difficult.

For purchasing an agarbatti making machine, you have to do a little bit of research about the best-suited machine for your business. 

Contact some of your competitors and try to know which machine they prefer. After doing all the research-purchase the best quality agarbatti making machine that is available at the lowest price.

  • Raw Materials

Well, the most important thing is to get the best raw materials. We must inform you that agarbatti making does not require any chemicals or extra raw materials.

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The raw material that is required is a charcoal powder, sticky powder such as Jigat, Sal resin, Guggul Nargis powder, raw bamboo sticks, water, various variety of oils, aromatic essence, flower essence, sandalwood oil, rose petals, natural and chemical aromatic ingredients, sawdust thick paper, gelatin paper, scissor, waste paper, various color powder, etc.

You will also require the packaging materials for packing the agarbatti. And Sell it to the retailer in bulk.

  • Conclusion

In this article, we learned how to start an agarbatti making business with low investment and high profit. 

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How to Start A Slipper Making Business – The Most Profitable Business




In current times, starting your own business is a bit difficult. But the only business that can be profitable in the current time is Slipper making business.

Slipper making business is one of the most profitable businesses in India. If you are owning a business or willing to start your own business then slipper making business will be one of the best choices.

Anyone can start their slipper making business. Slipper making business can be done on small scale and large scale units. 

Well, you must be wondering how to start a slipper-making business then no need to worry. Here we will be providing all the information that is required to start a slipper making business. 

Steps To Start A Slipper Making Business

If you want to know how to start a slipper making business easily, then we are here to help you. The following are the steps to start a slipper making business.

  1. Market Research
  2. Registration And License
  3. Finance 
  4. Slipper Making Unit Setup
  5. Slipper Making Machinery
  6. Raw Materials
  7. Slipper Making Process

Let’s get the detailed information of the above-mentioned ways.

  1. Market Research

For starting your slipper making business, you need to research slipper business first. Here you would like to provide you some information.

Slippers are the most commonly used product for many years. You need to research the market where you can supply bulk slippers at a profitable rate.

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Once you gain the perfect knowledge of the slipper market then you can easily start your business and earn a huge profit.

  • Registration and License

Once you are done with the research work, now you have to apply for the registration and license process.

For starting a slipper-making business, you need to register your firm first with whatever documentation needed for the procedure. 

You have to apply for a trade license from the local municipal authority and SSI unit registration. Moreover, the slipper manufacturing business also requires pollution permission.

  • Finance

Finance is one of the most basic requirements for starting any business. So, yes. For starting your own slipper manufacturing business you will need proper finance.

For slipper making business, two types of finance are required. The first is fixed capital and another is working capital. 

In the case of fixed capital, you have to apply term loan and in the case of working capital, you can apply for a cash credit.

  • Slipper Making Unit Setup

After you apply for fixed Capital and working capital, next you have to set up a slipper making unit. For setting up a slipper making unit you need to prepare a proper project report.

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By preparing the report, you can estimate who much capital is required, the details about the machine supplier, what kind of machine you have to install, details regarding raw materials, and many more. 

You have to go through some formalities for setting up units like registrations, land procurement, construction work, machinery purchasing and installing, and trial production.

  • Slipper Making Machinery

After all the above-mentioned steps, next, you have to buy a slipper making machinery. Before purchasing a slipper making machine, you have to know about the separations that meet your requirement.

Below is the list of machinery that is required for slipper making:

  1. Flat Bed Sewing Machine with Motor, Stand & Table Clutch Type
  2. Drilling machine
  3. Combined Finishing Machine
  4. Stapling Machine
  5. Plastic Last
  6. Cutting dies of different sizes and shapes
  7. Hand-operated tools & equipment
  • Raw Materials

For starting your slipper making business you need to know what raw materials are required in the process. 

We would like to inform you that the main raw materials that are required are rubber sheets and straps. You will also need packaging materials. 

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You can get all the raw material that is required from any manufacturers or local wholesale directly. 

  • Slipper Making Process

After all the above steps the last step is the slipper-making process. You need to have detailed knowledge of slipper making process.

You need to use the cutting machine to give the microcellular sheet a perfect shape. Moreover, you can also get the straps from any other unit that is engaged in the manufacturing of slipper straps. 

The straps need to be fixed in the slipper using the foot-operated machines. After that, for better finishing, the traps need to be put in finishing machines. Then you have to pack the slipper in a polythene bag and sell it in the market.

  • Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, you can start your slipper making business and earn profit easily.

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Simplifying budget 2021 – Union budget, Income tax slabs




Simplifying budget 2021 – Union budget, Income tax slabsUnion finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2021 in the Parliament of India on 1st of February Monday.

What are the key sections of the budgets?

Sitharaman mentioned in her speech that this year’s budget is established on 6 pillars.

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Physical & Financial Capital, and Infrastructure 
  3. Inclusive Development for Aspirational India
  4. Reinvigorating Human Capital
  5. Innovation and R&D
  6. Minimum Government and Maximum Governance
  7. Health and Wellbeing

How the budget is going to influence health and wellbeing sector?

Sitharaman started by saying that this year a holistic approach will be taken for the enhancement and readiness of the nation against any potential health threat to the citizens in 3 areas: Preventive, Curative, and Wellbeing.

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More than 28,000 health care centers will be supported in the urban and rural areas. About 35,000 crores are executed to be provided for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Apart from this, emphasis was given along with a huge investment to tackle the nation-wide problem of air pollution. Urban Swachh Bharat practice is going to get a boost with an upgraded approach.

Clean drinking water will be of paramount importance during the coming years affirming by the investment of whooping 2,87,000 crores. Intensified strategy will be adopted to improve the nutritional status of about 112 districts.

What are the effects on manufacturing?

A great emphasis was given by the finance minister regarding the government’s commitment towards building an Atmanirbhar Bharat. She stated that the manufacturing companies need to become an integral part in the global supply chain in about 13 sectors and mentioned about the investment of 1.97 lakh crores to achieve the same intention.

Apart from Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI), government will also launch about 7 textile parks over the next 3 years under the Mega Investment Textiles Parks (MITRA) to attract global investors.

How is budget going to boost the infrastructure?

As a Union budget trend, infrastructure was among the primary focus. Sitharaman also stated the great success of National Pipeline Project which was announced in December 2019.

Highway enhancement projects were also mentioned in four states- Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam and Kerala.

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Government also plans to make Indian Railway “future ready” by making them more passenger friendly and esthetic. This plan is envisioned by designing Vista Dome LHB coach.

Private sector is expected to finance the operation of about 20,000 buses in the urban areas. This is going to give a boom to the automobile industry.

A great assertiveness was given towards the development of solar energy and renewable energy of the country.

What changes were incorporated from investment purposes?

By making an amend to the Insurance Act 1938, the permissible FDI limit in Insurance Companies was raised from 49% to 74%.

With exponential increase in the money being paid to the wheat growing farmers from 2019, it was also stated the number of increase in more than 10 lakh farmers by the end of previous year. ‘Operation Green scheme’ have increased its area of inclusion of about 22 perishable items.

Sitharam stated that agricultural credit is targeted at 16.5 lakh crores in FY22. She also mentioned that the credit flows to animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries.

 A public sector bank recapitalization of Rs. 20,000 crore has been proposed for FY22.

A bill would be introduced to set up Development Finance Institution (DFI), targeting a portfolio of Rs. 5 lakh crores over the span of next 3 years this bill can boost the infrastructure to a high level.

How is government planning to overcome the financial loss of 2020?

Government has planned 2 approaches to bridge the fiscal deficit of about 9.5% which was faced in the period of April 2020 to March 2021.

In the first approach the government is planning to borrow the sum amount of 12 lakh crores. And the second approach dictates the divestment from public sector banks. This is planned to monetize from the assets of Public Sector Enterprise and land.

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What reforms were proposed regarding tax?

Senior citizens above 75 years of age, do not have to file the income tax return on their pension as the sole income. The paying bank will make the necessary tax deductions.

For the non resident Indians returning India, the double taxes applied on them is removed.

An increase in the limit for tax audit was reinforced from 5 crore to 10 crores to incentivize digital transactions.

A relief was provided to the dividend payment to REIT/ InvIT exempt from TDS. Apart from this, considering the uncertainty regarding the estimation of dividend income, advance tax liability on dividend will arise only after the declaration of the payment.

100% tax exemption, in certain conditions, is offered to attract foreign investors.

To promote the spirit of start-ups, a tax holiday is granted to them for one more year till 31st March 2022.

What about housing?

Extending the ‘Housing for All’ for one more year, an additional deduction of interest of Rs. 1.5 lakh in loan for affordable houses was proposed.

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To conclude the budget, from the investing perspective the budget has laid a golden egg. As compared to the last trading session, the NIFTY closed over 14,200 points yesterday. It is a 4.7% relative leap.

The capital investment cycle is going to get motorized with increased investment in manufacturing section. The sooner the budget is brought into action, the faster will be the growth of the country and citizens.

Budget is very promising to get the country back on track at the earliest.

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How to start a Gold Mining Business?




Are you thinking of starting a gold mining business? Mining is the process of pulling out raw ore from the earth by excavation and extracting valuable and precious metals from it.

It usually involves a large sum of investment to start a gold mining business, in India or anywhere in the world for that matter. But considering the demand it is a good business opportunity.

Dwelling on the process of starting a mining industry, you need to first to register your mining business with Indian Bureau of Mines in accordance with Form K Rule 45(1) of Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 2017.

Your next step would be to find right market for your manufactured metal, local and/ or foreign market. Because of an increase of foreign currency in the domestic government reserves, Indian government is very encouraging regarding the export of most minerals.

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After making up your mind for plunging into the mining business, you need to equip your company with competent mining equipments. These equipments usually include industrial pumps, drills, construction vehicles, etc.

It is advised to get in touch with a professional service provider to figure out what tools you need. You can choose to rent a few equipments, as per the status of your investment.

Moving to the next step, you need to hire proficient employees. The category of this business requires you to hire a lot of people. Your employees would range from manual labors to experts and people with experience in administrative, accounting sector.

Followed by this, you will have to make arrangements for the accommodation of the employees preferably in the nearby town to the excavation site. There will also be a necessity for administrative office for your business.

Health and safety measures are of utmost importance for the well being of all employees. A thorough training has to be given to the employees for the usage of equipments and for their own protection.

Is gold mining a good investment?

India being the second largest consumer of gold in the world, it is indeed a profitable business strategy. Money required for the excavation and mining of the minerals is relatively less than the higher market price tag of the yellow glittery metal.

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During the epic pandemic of 2020, Warren Buffet, American business tycoon and an ace investor, invested $563.6 million in gold industry- Barrick Gold.

The profit in the gold industry depends on varying factors like demand and supply, global economy, production cost, etc. Considering these dynamics, it is safe to say that trading the minerals with profit all the time is challenging.

How much does it cost to start a gold mining business?

The cost to start a mining business varies depending on the scale of the business, if it is small scale or large scale.

Depending on the location, the element to be extracted (here gold), the ore grade and variety of factors the total cost of mining and separation industry can range between $500 million to $1 billion, as suggested by Schular in 2011.

However, this cost can be calculated approximately using the following formula:-

  • Fixed Cost= Capital Cost Of Mining + Capital Cost Of Refining + Cost Of Exploratory Studies + Other Fixed Costs
  • Operating Cost = Operating Cost Of Mining + Operating Cost Of Refining

While it is difficult to state an exact number in real world regarding the cost of setting up a mining industry, an interested entrepreneur can vaguely estimate the investment using the aforementioned formulas.

Can you make money mining gold?

A mining industry not only does make money from the core process of mining the raw ore, separation of the yellow metal and selling it at higher market price. They also make profit by selling the mining properties after complete exploration of the metal of interest.

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Normally a part of their sale also include royalties.

Finding a gold reserve is an expensive procedure. It involves robotic drilling, 3D mapping of underground level to detect the presence of metal.

Mining industries usually split up into two sectors: Exploration and conventional Manufacturers. Companies that manufacture gold set up exploratory companies to search for the excavation site and if they get lucky, both are companies are rewarded according to their policies.

Apart from this, mining companies sell the gold to sovereign state, central and international banks and large institutional investors.

These sectors keep the gold as reserve and sell it at manageable price. This makes the mining business very profitable especially at good market prices.

Having said the pros of mining, it has to be kept in mind that most of the gold reserves have already been claimed. It would take an extensive amount of investment and also the risk of finding no luck with the yellow metal in the exploratory stage of mining.

To find the rich ground to mine, it would take a substantial amount of research and time.

Where is gold most likely to be found?

About 244,000 metric tons of gold has been found till date. Majority of the gold is found mainly by 3 countries: China, Australia and South Africa.

Gold is mainly found infused with Quartz rock. Quartz maybe found as small stones in the river beds or hillsides.

Eroded materials, along with gold sometimes are sedimented into the little creeks and river beds. Since gold is heavier than other naturally occurring materials it is deposited below and can be found as Alluvium.

It can also be found between the rocks which happened by molten magma. This magma accumulates between existing rocks and hard to disintegrate. Gold accumulates in this hard part of the rock and other lighter particles are separated away.

Acidic mineral solutions have tendency of bleaching the rock. Hence, light and bleached rocks also dictate a possibility of finding gold.

More than 29,000 tons of gold was found in Sonbharta district in Uttar Pradesh in India. Gold has also been excavated from Subarnarekha river bed near Ranchi.

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Metal detectors can be used to detect the gold location considering the geological conditions of gold availability.

With right tools and knowledge it is possible for explore the gold veins, gold nuggets and shavings.

By equipping oneself with the complete knowledge of gold mining business, its exploration and separation section an entrepreneur can set a profitable small, medium or large scale mining industry.

Though initial heavy investment sum seems like a road block in starting the Gold Mining Business but with persistence, skilled employees and following the appropriate procedure it can bring a fortune of profit.

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