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Top 10 Best Travel Destination in Gujarat 2021




There are many people out there who like traveling a lot. India is a country where you will find many awesome travel destinations. 

If you are planning to visit Gujarat and are confused about where to roam then we are here to help you. Even if you are living in Gujarat, then there are many places you can visit and spend your vacations.

One of the best places to visit in India during winter is Gujarat. In Winter Runn Utsav is offing and pleasant weather condition makes it one of the best time to explore the cultural wealth.

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In this article, we will provide you some top 10 best travel destinations in Gujarat. 

So, Keep Reading.

Top 10 Travel Destination In Gujarat

Below is the list of the top 10 best travel destinations in Gujarat. 

  1. Rann of Kutch
  2. Somnath
  3. Bhuj
  4. Rani ka Vav, Patan
  5. Dwarkadhish Temple
  6. Gir National Park
  7. Champaner Pavagarh Archaeological Park
  8. Vadodara
  9. Ahmedabad
  10. Junagadh

Let’s get the detailed information.

  1. Rann Of Kutch

People often say that “Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha” means “If you haven’t seen Kutch, You Haven’t Seen Anything” and yes it is true. Kutch is meant to come at the top when it comes to the best Travel destination in Gujarat especially during Rann Utsav.

Rann of Kutch is between the Arabian Sea and the Thar Desert. It is a fascinating masterpiece of salt and sand. At Kutch, the white symphony reaches its climax on a full moon night. 

Rann of Kutch is a white salt that looks like a white desert. During the full moon nights, there is a huge celebration of culture and tradition at Dhordo. If you visit Kutch then it is a must to take a Camel Safari.

  • Somnath

Somnath is one of the holiest places with 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. It is said that the Hindu Moon God named Soma has built the temple with gold to pay to devote to the lord’s glory so the temple has been named Somnath.

According to the myth, it is said that the Somnath Temple has been reconstructed by Ravana with silver, Krishna with wood, and by the king Bhimdev with stone.

The Somnath temple has been destroyed and reconstructed many times on different occasions. Somnath is rated as one of the top temples in India.

  • Bhuj

Bhuj is one of the best historical places to visit in Gujarat. Bhuj has a connection to a wide range of civilizations beginning from prehistoric times like Mahabharata, Indus Valley, and the time of Alexander to the regional sultans, British, and then modern India. 

Bhuj has around 4000 years of inhabitations is a cultural potpourri. It is one of the best cultural immersion places to visit in Gujarat.

The Major places to visit in Bhuj are Aina Mahal (Palace of Mirror), Parag Mahal, Kutch Museum with rare artifacts, ramakunf Stepwell, and Hamirsar Lake. 

Along with sightseeing, Bhuj also has cultural interactions of traditional handmade textiles and crafts, enameled jewelry, and cultural excursions to surrounding villages which draws the bulk of the international tourists.

  • Rani Ka Vav – Patan

Rani Ka Vav is one of the best monuments created by a queen for her king. Rani Ka Vav is a huge stepwell in very well maintained conditions. It was Custom built by Rani Udayamati in memory of her late husband King Bhimdev in the year 1063.

After the completion of construction, the stepwell was got flooded by water from the Saraswati River. The Rani Ka Vav was a royal specimen of carved sculptures. 

Rani ka Vav is one of the biggest and unique step wells in Gujarat. If you are willing to visit Gujarat then you must visit Rani Ka Vav in Patan.

  • Dwarkadhesh Temple

Dwarkadhesh Temple is one of the supreme temples in India. It is said that Dwarkadhesh Temple has been built by the grandson of Lord Krishna. 

Dwarkadhesh Temple is one of the holiest Hindu temples and an integral part of char Dham yatra. It is also said that Lord Krishna was settled down in Dwarka with his Yadava Clan. 

After the death of Lord Krishna, the whole of Dwarka Island was submerged in the sea. You must Visit Dwarkadhesh Temple once in your life.

  • Gir National Park

Gir National Park is the only National Park in India where you will find King of Jungle roaming openly in the wild. 

Satan Gir National Park is in Junagadh District, it is one of the most tourists visited spots in India.

At Gir National Park, you will find marsh crocodiles, hyenas, leopards, sambar, antelopes, and different type of bird species. That’s the reason why Gir is one of the top wildlife sanctuaries in India.

  • Champaner Pavagarh Archaeological Park

Champaner Pavagarh Archaeological Park is located in Vadodara City. It is an ancient site that has religious structures. 

If you are a history admirer and have an interest in culture and architecture then it is a must-visit place for you. This site is constructed over 600 hundred years. 

Moreover, the Jama Masjid that was constructed during Begda Reign is one of the best examples of Indo-Islamic fusion architecture. 

  • Vadodara

Vadodara is also known as the cultural capital of the state. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Gujarat. 

The Vadodara has all one fusion of the past and present. The Vadodara City is modernized under the guidance of Maharaja Sayaji Rao II.

In Vadodara, you can visit Kadia Dungar Caves, the Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Nazarbaugh Palace, Makarpura Palace, Sursagar Talav, and the amazing Sayaji Baug.

  • Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the 5th largest city in India. It is also a commercial hub in Gujarat. Ahmedabad City is founded by then King Karnadev in the 11th Century. Earlier it was named Karnawati.

Ahmedabad also has some great tourist attraction places like Bandra Fort, Mosques, and lakes. It also has Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram also known as Sabarmati Ashram. You can also visit Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar.

One of the best places to visit is Bhadra Fort, Jhoolta Minarets, and Teen Darwaza which are the historical wonders in the city. Natural beauties include the emerald Kankaria Lake and Vastrapur Lake.

  1. Junagadh

Junagadh means the Old Fort. It is a historical place. At Junagadh, you will find Mosques, temples of Hindu and Buddhist, and many other historical structures. 

Junagadh is a home to few amazing historical monuments. The mahabat ka maqbara is a great example of beautiful architecture. 

At Junagadh, you will find many Jain Temples that are located close to the cities. If you are planning a trip to Gujarat then you must Visit Junagadh.

  • Conclusion

All the mentioned places in this article are some of the best travel destinations in Gujarat. I hope, this article was helpful for you. 

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How to Start an Online Food Business




How to Start an Online Food Business – As we know, the food business is something that is never going to be out of fashion. People are fond of tasty and delicious food. So running a food business is one of the great ideas.

You might be wondering, how to start an online food business. What you have to do if you want to start your own food business.

However, if you are starting a food business then you have to take some precautions. You have to follow some safety measures. You have to provide the best quality of food to your customers.

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In this article, we will be guiding you on how to start an online food business and earn a high profit.

Keep reading! 

Guide on How To Start An Online Food Business

Before starting a food business, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Choose Your Food Type
  2. Market Research
  3. Business Plan
  4. Licenses and Permits
  5. Purchase Your Equipment
  6. Business Promotion

Keep reading to get a detailed knowledge of the above-mentioned points.

  1. Choose Your Food Type

For starting a food business, first of all, you have to decide the type of food that you want to sell. There are different business options like catering, meal delivery service, and baked foods.

You have to choose the best type that meets your requirement. You have to give such a product that can attract your customers

2. Market Research

Market research is one of the most important things that you have to do before starting any business. As we know there is high competition in the food industry so you have to research in order to launch your food or product in the competitive markets.

You have to research what kind of food consumers like. You need to know the likes and dislikes of the consumers. You have to research what quality of food your customers will like.

Attend come business networking events. This will help you in giving an exact idea of what today’s consumer prefers.

3. Business Plan

Once you are done with your market research, now it’s time to make a business plan. Having a business plan helps you in growing your business.

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Business planning is necessary if you want financial backing, to convince your investors you have to show your business strategy.

So, it becomes essential to have proper business planning. In order to start a business and make it successful you have to make business planning.

4. License and Permits

If you are starting a food business, then a license and permits are a must. You have to go through the local zoning rules to make sure that your product matches the standards.

Your food should pass all the food cleanliness standards. Check with your state rules for more information.

In order to start a food business, you have to make sure that your kitchen is clean and matches the quality standards as per govt. rules.

5. Purchase Your Equipment

After completing all the above procedures now you have to focus on purchasing the equipment for your business. The type of equipment that you need will depend on the type of food that you offer.

You have to find a supplier who can provide you all the best quality of required equipment at the lowest rates.

You have to purchase packaging materials to wrap the food. You also have to create the ingredient labels to stick it on your food. Go through your state’s Department of Public Health for more details.

6. Business Promotion

The most essential part to make your food business successful is business promotion. You have to promote your business and products on various platforms.

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There are many ways to do a business promotion like a mouth to mouth marketing, social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Build your customer, by providing the best quality of food. Your food quality should speak about your brand.

Hire a marketing agency to promote your business at a start earning high profit.


In this article, we learned how to start an online food business. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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Top 5 Best Mobile Phones under 20000 – Budget-Friendly Smartphones




Top 5 Best Mobile Phones under 20000 – This is the era of the smartphone. Many amazing features are available on smartphones. Earlier, if you want a mobile with amazing features then you have to spend a large amount of money.

However, in today’s world buying a smartphone with a lot of features is not that expensive. You can get a brand new smartphone that too under 20000 Rs.

We are here to provide you with a list of the best smartphones under 20,000. You can get budget-friendly smartphones with amazing features.

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We have picked some amazing smartphones under 20000 that you would love to buy. In short, it is not necessary to spend a large amount to get the best phone.

Top 5 Smartphones under Rs. 20,000

Below is the list of smartphones under Rs.20000. 

  1. Realme 7 Pro
  2. Samsung Galaxy M31s
  3. Poco X3
  4. Infinix Zero 8i
  5. Motorola One Fusion+

Keep reading to know more about the features of these above-mentioned phones.

  1. Realme 7 Pro

Talking about the best smartphone under Rs. 20000 with the best features then Realme 7 pro is the best option.

Realme 7 Pro has an AMOLED display, stereo speakers, and 65W fast charging. Moreover, the Realme 7 Pro has an amazing mirror split design. 

Realme 7 Pro is slimmer with 8.7mm and is lighter in weight with 182g. it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC. It runs very smoothly without any hanging problem.

Realme 7 Pro has 64 megapixels Sony IMX682 main camera and 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with 2mp depth camera and 2mp macro camera

In short, we can say that if you are looking for a smartphone with great features under 20000 Rs. Then Realme 7 pro is the best option for you.

It is available for just Rs. 19,999.

2. Samsung Galaxy M31s

Samsung Galaxy M31s is one of the best models launched by Samsung. It has 6.5 inches infinity O AMOLED display. It has a big 6000mAh battery with a 25w charger.

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Samsung Galaxy has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. It has a Glasstic back that seems like a class but is plastic. It includes a fingerprint magnet that rectifies fingerprints easily. 

The battery life of this smartphone is very impressive. It has an M32s quad-camera setup with a 64 megapixel back camera. The camera result is amazing in daylight. The lowlight camera is average.

It is available for just Rs. 19,499

3. Poco X3

Another best mobile phone that comes under 20,000 and with amazing quality is Poco X3. You must prefer this mobile phone.

The display feature of the Poco X3 is 6.67 inches with 1080X2340 pixels. It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor.

The RAM of Poco X3 is 6GB and it has 64 GB of storage. Isn’t it amazing?

Also, it has an amazing battery capacity of 6000mAh. The Rear camera is 64 megapixels + 13 Megapixel + 2 megapixels + 2 Megapixel. And the front camera comes with a 20 megapixel.

The best part is, Poco X3 is available at just 16,999 Rs.

4. Infinix Zero 8i

Another best smartphone with brilliant features is the Infinix Xero 8i. You can go with this mobile if you are looking for a budget-friendly mobile.

The display of Infinix Zero 8i is 6.85 inches with 1080X2460 pixels and it has a MediaTek Helio G90T processor.

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Infinix Zero 8i has 8 GB RAM and it comes with 128 GB storage. It has an amazing battery life. The battery capacity of Infinix zero 8i is 4500mAh,

The best part of this smart phone is it comes with 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + AI lens rear camera and 16MP + 8MP front camera.

The Infinix Zero 8i is available at Rs. 15,999.

5. Motorola One Fusion+

Last but not least Motorola One Fusion+ is one of the great mobile phones that come with amazing features. 

It comes with 6.50 inch, 1080+2340 pixel display. Moreover, it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor.

Motorola One Fusion+ has 6GB ram and it has 128 GB storage capacity. The One Fusion+ comes with a 5,000mAh battery which provides excellent battery life. It comes with an 18W charger.

In addition, Motorola One Fusion+ comes with 64MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP rear camera and 16MP front camera.

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The best part is Motorola One Fusion+ is available at 17,499 Rs.


In this article, we came to know about the smartphones that are available under Rs. 20,000. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your budget-friendly smartphone today.

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